About This Blog – Please Read Before Anything Else

This blog is about my thoughts, feelings, and opinions about BDSM and relationships, both in general, and based on my own experiences, preferences, and beliefs, as well as my observations of others and hearing countless numbers of their stories from the time I first came into the scene in 2001.  It will contain both general information as well as personal rants and diatribes at times, as well as humor.  I also intend it to be a compendium of information on abuse vs BDSM, and abuse in general.

If you have constructive comments to make, and are willing to be polite in expressing disagreement or to engage in intelligent, respectful discussion and debate, then your comments are welcome, and I look forward to lively discussion and building a community.  If you just want to argue or tell me I am wrong, or that you are offended by something I say, I will not publish those comments.

If you are offended by anything I say, think you might be, or just don’t like how I write or the kinds of things I say and discuss, you are invited to just leave and not return. No one is forcing you to read any of this.

There will be no pornographic material or discussion on this blog, or erotica, so please look elsewhere if that’s what you are seeking.

Please look at the “About This Blog” page for further information, including copyright notices.

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