Brand New Blog Site Up!

My new blog site is up and running!  It’s still under construction with kinks to work out, and my forest of links has not yet been ported over there, but the doors are open for business.

Why the change?  Well, I’ve been wanting to make the move for a while now, because a self-hosted blog has many advantages over this free platform, and the accidental closing of the site last week when it inadvertently tripped their antispam controls is a perfect example of why not to leave critical blogs on, or indeed on any other free platform of this nature.  There is much more control on a self-hosted site – and vastly more options for design and features on the blog itself, which I hope to eventually incorporate.  Among other things, there will be many more options for sharing the content, and eventually, better control over how the site displays on mobile devices.

The url is also a heck of a lot shorter and easier <g>.

Please come visit at  Or use the new url I’m transitioning to at, which goes to exactly the same place.  Please do let me know if you have any problems with the new site.  I know a few things are still wonky, but I doubt I know of them all.  And please be patient with the fixes – I’m having to learn a whole lot of new technology.

If you are a subscriber to this blog, you will unfortunately need to resubscribe over there if you want to continue to receive notifications of new posts and/or comments, and I hope you all will.

This site will remain open, at least for a while, and will eventually be set to forward to the new one.   In the meantime, I will initially post pointers here to new posts there, but comments will be closed, so you’ll have to go over there if you want to comment.

Hope to see you all on the “other side”!


I’m finding that some people are looking for the site and ending up instead on, which is an empty blog that has never been in use and is set as private.  I hope you will find the right place.  If I can remember the password, I’ll set a redirect, but in the meantime, I hope that putting all of the urls here will bring people here instead – and thence to the new site

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