A Letter to the New Girlfriend of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

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A Letter to the New Girlfriend of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

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  1. Wow. That letter was better than the one i wrote to karida almost 2 years ago. I did it for me because i felt she deserved to hear the truth even if i knew with all my heart that she would not believe it. I don’t blame her for falling for his lies because i did the same thing. He had us both believing we were in a D/s monogamous relationship with him. He deliberately hid me from her on fetlife by not only defriending me but blocking me so if i were to logon then i would not see his interactions with her. He did this over months before we broke up and i did not even know it at the time. This action of his hurt me more than anything because he took away all the kind words and compliments he ever said to me…. One of which was on a blog that I wrote about having giving up smoking for him simply because i knew he did not like smokers and he wrote about how proud he was of me-one of the few times he ever told me that. And he took that away. To add insult after nearly 4 years of dating, i had made some comment about when i used to smoke and he said I never knew you smoked–I don’t like smokers. It broke my heart again. So many selfless things I did for this man who did not care about me in the least. I even published a book of short stories to honor him and so he would have that as a legacy but nothing was ever truly appreciated as he felt entitled to things he did not earn. And when he found someone else that he wanted to pursue a relationship, i deserved honesty, not betrayal and lies. He abused his position in a prominent BDSM organization in NYC in order to gain trust and appear to be on the up and up. He had me isolated from friends and family. I was left in a horrible living situation and over NINE THOUSAND CREDIT CARD debt where he fraudulently used my card and maxed it out. He is totally void of the character that he professes to have in spades. I don’t feel like a victim but the truth of the matter is that I was a victim. It’s been so hard trying to get myself out the terrible situation he left me in and trying to truly find myself again. I am still trying to forgive myself and short of a public apology i don’t think i can forgive him. I used to enjoy being active in the bdsm community and going to events and learning and growing. I don’t think I will ever be active again because I feel like the community protects these predators the same way the church has a history of protecting priests who are child molestors and it sickens me and i want no part of it even if my submissive side has to suffer for it.

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