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“We Need to Talk” – or Is It Off the Table?

Once again, Mo has managed to articulate so much of how I feel about yet another topic – the dreaded “We need to talk“. I’m so right there with you on the urgency of discussing issues as they come up, … Continue reading

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Controlling Men Could Face Criminal Charges

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the UK wants to “…make abusive behaviour by men a criminal offence, even if it does not involve physical violence), according to the Sunday Mirror. He also wants to extend the law to include … Continue reading

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I just discovered an absolutely fantastic legal resource targeted at women who are victims of domestic violence.  A project of the National Network to End Domestic Violence,, is probably the most comprehensive website I’ve come across dedicated to this … Continue reading

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The 15 Characteristics of Verbal Abuse

via married2mrmean “As defined by Patricia Evans, in her book The Verbally Abusive Relationship – How to recognise it and how to respond. “I make reference to Patricia Evans often and decided I would write this entry, in case anyone … Continue reading

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