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Preying on Newbies – a New Class!

by SimplyMichael (reposted with permission) Preying on Newbies! Ever wonder how those masters out there nail one new hottie after another? Curious how they can get away with fucking over one after another with no repercussions? Attend this class and … Continue reading

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I Never Called It Rape

Fantastic article on the problem and prevalence of rape and sexual assault that goes unnamed and unpunished in the kink community by Kitty Stryker at PurrVersatility and on the Good Vibrations blog.  Both links are posted here because of the … Continue reading

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Experience Requirements for Mentors

I think I’ve now heard it all. At a munch today, the new mentorship director of the major local kink organization that sponsors the munch (the Society of Janus) announced that lack of experience in the scene is *not* a … Continue reading

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Report on RACK Panel

On March 22, SF Citadel hosted a RACK panel of leaders and educators from the BDSM community dedicated to discussing this question, including its relationship to abuse. The evening’s discussion was terrific.  Panelists included Levi (who was previously employed by … Continue reading

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