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How You Can Help Combat the Abuse Problem

A newbie I met the other day told a tale of being abused or having her limits violated when playing with someone she said is well known at the Citadel, our local community playspace.  She said she’d like to get … Continue reading

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Survivors’ Nightmares

Do you have nightmares about your abuse?  Have a partner who does?  Take a look at the article “Almost all survivors will have nightmares while healing: How to  help your survivor partner during nightmares” for some helpful ideas about how … Continue reading

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BDSM Abuse Survivors’ Network

Are you in an abusive BDSM relationship?  Or think you may be, but aren’t sure?  Had a scene go terribly wrong? Been raped or otherwise injured nonconsensually in a BDSM context? Do you feel alone, as if you are the … Continue reading

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