Volunteer Survivors

Here are some people who are willing to be open about their experiences of abuse in a BDSM context, and to share what they’ve been through with others.

If no email address is shown, there is a link to Fetlife (or elsewhere).  For the Fetlife listings, if you’re not a member, you can sign up totally anonymously and for free.  It just takes a moment.  Clicking the links below will take you to the sign-up screen.


Please note:

I have not screened these volunteers in any way, nor do I plan to do so, although I do know a few of them.  I have also set no rules for their participation; they are free to handle these discussions however they see fit.  Please use the same caution you would in speaking with anyone else you don’t know through the Internet.


United States

San Francisco Bay Area

Kitty Strykeremail


kinkylittlegirl – via Contact section on this blog

Shannnon – email

Boston, MA

skys_lilone – email

Salem, OR

Amaranth – email

North Texas





Vancouver, BC, Canada


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